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Prosci® Training Programs

Tiba Managementberatung GmbH is a Primary Affiliate of Prosci® and member of the Global Affiliate Networks.

Exclusively in Germany, Austria und the german-spoken parts of Switzerland we are offering the entire Prosci® Training and Certification program.

Tiba Business School is offering the ADKAR based® Prosci® 3-day Change Management Certification Seminar.

Prosci's Chance Management Certification Program


Prosci® Change Management Program Feedback

"Mixture of a lot of details, experience and fun."

"One of the best trainings I've ever attended! Thanks! I will recommend it"

"Good mixture of theory and practice"

"Very pragmatic for industrial purpose"

"Very professional. Created value for me. Greatest strengths: structured, systematical, mature tools."

"Excellent program and great learning."

"Very educational and useful training! Great materials and tools!"

"Very good, meets my expectations, can take a lot out for me and use."

"Very interactive lively training!"

"Very active and flexible training, very structural, trainer make sure everybody can follow and pays of for the participants + compentence."


Prosci's Approach

-- ADKAR Model

-- 3-Phase-Process

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Current Dates

Prosci® Change Management
Certification Program


26.08. - 28.08. virtual (German)
09.09. - 11.09. virtual (German)
14.09. - 16.09. Frankfurt (German)
30.09. - 02.10. Munich (German)
12.10. - 14.10. Berlin (German)
14.10. - 16.10. Munich (English)
26.10. - 28.10. Leipzig German)
02.11. - 04.11. virtual (German)


30.11. - 02.12. Vienna (German)


02.09. - 04.09. Zurich (English)


2.640,00 € / Online Training
3.150,00 € / Presence Training (Germany + Vienna)
3.850,00 CHF / Presence Training Zurich

All the prices indicated are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.