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Why Prosci's 3-Phase Process works

Prosci's 3-Phase Process works because of the embedded customization and scaling that you can accomplish with this process-driven methodology. The step-by-step process with accompanying tools and templates enables practitioners to quickly apply the methodology and scale the approach to meet the unique situation of the project or initiative they are applying it to.

Prosci's 3-Phase Change Management Process is comprised of:

  • Change Management Phase 1: Preparing for change
  • Change Management Phase 2: Managing change
  • Change Management Phase 3: Reinforcing change™

Simply put, Prosci's methodology is built so that you can use it. Since Prosci does not do change management consulting work, the methodology was created first and foremost with the end user in mind. As such, the process and tools are crafted for immediate application by practitioners, even those with little experience in change management.

Most importantly, Prosci's 3-phase approach fully integrates individual change management using ADKAR® and organizational change management, to give a holistic solution for every level in the organization.

Prosci's methodology includes a robust set of tools and templates built on over a decade of research to help quickly apply the approach to projects and initiatives. Assessments support the scaling and customization, while templates support the rapid creation of plans for change management.



Description of Prosci's 3-Phase Change Management Model


Prosci's Approach

-- ADKAR Model

-- 3-Phase-Process

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