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Prosci's Approach to Change

Foster competitive advantage with Prosci's unique integration of individual, organizational and enterprise-wide change management models. Change isn't created overnight and neither was the Prosci methodology. Their approach to change management is built on over 20 years of research with more than 4000 organizations. By uncovering common challenges companies face during change projects, they have distilled a holistic solution to change that provides a suite of easy-to-use tools and templates.

  • Research-based approach
  • Scalable to multiple types of change
  • Built-in customization to match your organization and your specific change
  • Complete step-by-step instructions with ready-to-use tools

Prosci's holistic approach to change management is encompassed by three components:

Prosci® ADKAR® Model

Organizations don't change, people do. Bearing that in mind, the Prosci® ADKAR® Model addresses the transitions of individuals affected by change with a five-step process that can be used by managers, executives and even employees themselves to identify and remove barriers to successful change. See the page Prosci® ADKAR® Model for more information on managing change with individuals.

Prosci® 3-Phase Process

Preparing for Change, Managing Change, Reinforcing Change™ - A structured companion to project management, the Prosci® 3-Phase Process brings a suite of turn-key tools and resources to your change objectives that easily scale and adapt to the unique characteristics of your change and of your organization. Learn how to apply the 3-Phase Process by attending a change management certification training program.

Prosci® Enterprise Change Management

Focused on change maturity as a competitive advantage, the Prosci® Enterprise Change Management (ECM) approach is a framework for evaluating and advancing your organization's change management competency. For more information on training programs concerning ECM kindly contact us.




Prosci's Approach

-- ADKAR Model

-- 3-Phase-Process

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