During the Prosci Change Management Certification Program, you apply the Prosci methodology and ADKAR model to one of your active projects. In this way, you learn in a practical way the change management processes you need to consistently drive future changes. Strengthen your role as a change leader and equip yourself with the most important tools for successful change management!

Change leaders, Project managers, Change management practitioners, Continuous improvement specialists, IT professionals, Human resource business partners, Organizational development professionals, Project team members





Group work, moderated discussions, interactive learning games, multimedia teaching


At the end of the first and second day, your acquired knowledge will be tested with the help of “knowledge checks”. These take 15 minutes each and consist of multiple choice questions, true or false questions and matching tasks. After completing the seminar, you will receive the Prosci Certified Change Practitioner certification, which is valid for an unlimited period of time.



3 days



Online course: 2.640 € (plus VAT)
Face-to-face course: 3.150 € (plus VAT)


Day 1

  • Welcome and connection
  • Foundation
  • PCT Model
  • ADKAR Model
  • Prosci 3-Phase Process: Phase 1 – Prepare Approach
  • Knowledge Check


Day 2

  • Day 1 Review
  • Prosci 3-Phrase Process: Phase 1 – Prepare Approach
  • Prosci 3-Phase Process: Phase 2 – Manage Change
  • Knowledge Check


Day 3

  • Day 2 Review
  • Prosci 3-Phase Process: Phase 2 – Manage Change
  • Prosci 3-Phase Process: Phase 3 – Sustain Outcomes
  • Deliver Presentations
  • Next Steps and Evaluation
  • Graduation


The Prosci ADKAR model provides a simple framework for implementing changes in a controlled manner. It is a results-oriented approach to enable individual change. Today, the model is used worldwide by numerous companies across industries. The following five aspects must be considered for effective change management:



of the need for change



to support the change



on how to change



to demonstrate skills and behaviors



to make the change stick


Prosci’s organizational change management process consists of three phases that a project or change manager can work through for the changes and initiatives he or she supports. The methodology includes research-based assessments and templates to support each phase, as well as guidance to effectively complete each step.

Prepare Approach


To position the change for success by developing a customized and scaled change management strategy with the necessary sponsorship and commitment.


Define success

  • Document change profile
  • Capture definition of success
  • Connect and align people to success


Define impact

  • Define impacted groups
  • Assess change impact
  • Identify group considerations
  • Define adoption and usage


Define approach

  • Assess risk and scale
  • Identify resistance and special tactics
  • Identify resources and structures
  • Identify required roles
  • Align roadmap to timeline


Manage Change


To achieve adoption and usage of the change by creating, implementing and adapting plan(s) that will move individuals and the organization through ADKAR transitions.


Plan and act

  • Build ADKAR Blueprint
  • Determine plans required
  • Create CM plan(s)
  • Prepare and activate roles
  • Integrate and take action


Track performance

  • Establish tracking calendar
  • Track initiative progress
  • Track ADKAR outcomes
  • Track CM activities
  • Identify strengths and opportunities


Adapt actions

  • Decide if action is required
  • Prepare adaptive actions
  • Take adaptive actions
  • Continue to track and adapt


Sustain Outcomes


To realize the value of the change by ensuring the change is adopted and the organization is committed and prepared to sustain the change.


Review performance

  • Review initiative progress
  • Review ADKAR outcomes
  • Review CM activities
  • Document lessons learned


Activate sustainment

  • Identify gaps goals and priorities
  • Develop sutainment actions, roles and timeline
  • Prepare and activate roles


Transfer ownership

  • Celebrate success
  • Transfer knowledge and assets




180913LZ_Werkzeugicon 01

Online Portal Tools / Prosci Hub Solution Suite (365 days)


Program workbook & assessments


Best Practices in Change Management

Seminar presentation & photo protocol


In this Prosci Change Management seminar you will receive useful tools for the successful implementation of your change projects. The Prosci Change Management method is scalable across all industries to all types of change projects. You will gain the ability to lead medium or large change projects and actively support the implementation of an effective change management culture in your company. In addition, you can benefit from the valuable exchange of experience within the group and with our expert trainer. As a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner, you are also entitled to use the Prosci methods, templates and assessments taught in the training and contained in the Prosci Hub Solution Suite in your change projects for an unlimited period of time.


Is there a registration deadline for the Prosci Change Management Seminar?
Please register at least 14 days before your desired date. This is the only way we can guarantee the timely dispatch of your preparation documents.

What do I need for the Prosci Seminar?
● Undisturbed time to concentrate as if you were in an actual classroom.
● Computer or laptop with a stable internet connection and webcam that can show you via video
● A working headset or audio connection that has a speaker and a microphone

When and how do I complete my preparation tasks?
Five to ten days before the seminar starts, you complete your course preparation via the Pre-Work app. There you will find six different tasks that relate to your selected project. Allow approx. 2 hours for preparation.

What services are included in the price?
3-day seminar, seminar documentation, Prosci Workbook and handouts, annual subscription to Prosci Hub Solution Suite digital content, resources and tools.

What is the Prosci Hub Solution Suite?
A collection of online tools and resources, including the Research Hub (Best Practices in Change Management – 11th Edition, applications from ADKAR), Knowledge Hub and Proxima (A web application that guides you through the Prosci methodology and focuses on the people side of change).

What happens if I don’t pass the exam?
An oral re-examination is possible on the same day or at a later date.

When will I receive my certificate and how long is it valid?
After completing the seminar, you will receive your certificate in the form of a “digital credential badge” that you can embed and share in your email signature, on your CV and on social media platforms.

When will I receive my invoice?
Invoices are issued 14 days before the seminar begins.

What is the payment term of Tiba Business School?
We have a 30-day payment deadline from the date of the invoice.

What payment options are there?
Currently, payment can only be made by bank transfer. Credit card payment is not possible.

Until when can I cancel my registration?
Please read our general
terms and conditions.